Exercise Do’s and Don’ts


Are you making these mistakes in your workouts?

If you want RESULTS, whether it’s weight loss, strength, speed, power, toning, or belly fat loss and you don’t want to be at the gym all day long, keep reading….
Many people work out, just to work out and without a distinct and scientific way of reaching their goals, but you could be doing more harm than good. The human body is the most amazingly designed specimen and far surpasses anything else in this world… AND, you only get ONE of these amazing bodies in your life-time! What you do and don’t do in your workouts (or trainings as I like to call them) could quite literally MAKE or BREAK you!
See if you might be making any of these Training mistakes …

Mistake #1 – Not working out efficiently and maximizing your time:

Many people believe that you need to be putting in an hour or more at the gym 4-6 days per week and for some athletes, this might be the case, however, the average person is not getting “paid to play” as their career. For most people an average of 25-45 minutes of quality and proper training 2-4 times per week is shown to be much more beneficial to your health and to help you reach your goals. Chances are you are already busy and stressed living in our society, so why spend extra time doing anything you don’t need to be doing?

Mistake #2 – Doing the same routine over and over again

Anything done repeatedly, whether it’s running, swimming, spinning, bicep curls or anything….
Will lead to a lack of progression, stagnation, plateaus and the creation of imbalances and possible injury.

Mistake #3 – Not working with the proper tools

If you are still using a treadmill, elliptical or any gym equipment to do isolation movements, you are likely not seeing the best results you can see, and as mentioned above, you’re likely creating imbalances in the body that lead to postural problems, knee pain, headaches and more. There is ONE odd and crazy tool that can change ALL that…a Kettlebell…probably the most effective workout tool on the planet.
Kettlebells, when used correctly, can increase your calorie burning by up to 175% in just 20 minutes and that’s not mentioning what happens afterwards…which leads me to the next mistake you might be making…

Mistake #4 – Not creating an after burn

Running a few miles outside or jumping on the elliptical for a half hour is okay to burn a bunch of calories while you’re doing it, but it does little or nothing at all for your metabolism afterwards. And in order to burn more fat, we not only want to increase our ‘After Burn’, but also send a message to our fat loss hormones to get things going! so that our body doesn’t hold on to stubborn fat. Our hormones dictate the mechanics of fat storage and consumption by our bodies and the good news is that you can create an accelerated state of metabolism to help use stored fat as energy …But only if do the right kind of exercise and use the right tools.

Mistake #5 – Training too much

Speaking of hormones, one thing that can greatly hinder the proper functioning of hormones is STRESS and this can be in the form of work, food, lack of sleep, but also EXERCISE. Working out is supposed to be Stress on the body, but too much of anything is never a good thing and can cause even more serious health complications. Quality over quantity is the key. Which brings us into….

Mistake #6 – Not enough Recovery

Exercise, Workouts, Training, whatever you call it actually breaks down your body; your tissue, your bones, your muscles, your energy systems and your immune system AND it’s in the RECOVERY that we actually get stronger, better, faster, leaner and more energized.

Mistake #7 – Not having a Coach

Believe it or not, even Coaches have a Coach to help with motivation, accountability, support and setting up scientific trainings that align with their specific goals so that you are not making the mistakes above. A qualified and knowledgeable Coach can also help with Injury prevention, watching your form to ensure you’re not creating faulty movement patterns for joint, postural and organ health and also to ensure you meet the goals you set out to achieve in the first place. Sometimes one or two little tweaks in your regimen can yield results in just 2-3 weeks and likely will save you a lot of time, injury and money long term!

Mistake #8 – Not enjoying the journey

Last and most importantly, if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing and you’re just doing it because you’re “supposed to” – STOP and find something else!! It should be challenging but also FUN!