Testimonial from EarthFITter Bill

It’s really made me more dedicated to working out and getting a great bang for my buck very quickly. I feel a lot stronger cardiovascularly and also strength wise. 35 minutes is great, I get to do all the other things that I have planned for the day, plus I feel like I really worked out in that 35 minutes, I spend an hour and a half at the gym and I dont feel the same as if I spend the 35 minutes at Earthfit… Give it a good 2 weeks and you’ll see the difference… I was that person, I had those injuries, I still have those injuries, but the instructors are very consientious about what you need and they work within what you have.

The weight is falling off of me because I’m working out consistently and I feel really good… This is weight training which is the best thingfor especially someone my age, I’m 63 and I thought life was over for this body, and it aint. In fact I feel a lot younger than I have in a very long time… I’m leaner and trimmer and it’s awesome. My clothes fit, in fact some are so big I had to get rid of them… Take a chance on yourself, you’re worth it, believe in yourself… The moment you try you already succeeded… Everyone here makes you feel very supported and welcome.