Success Stories

EarthFITter Amanda

It motivated me 100%… I have been 110% healthier this December than past holiday seasons. I’ve been super focused on being healthy with my eating, with having the challenge I’ve never worked out so much and enjoyed my working out… Regardless of what your goal is, whether it’s to get healthier, just stay dedicated to a workout routine through the holidays, I think it’s a great challenge for anybody to do.

EarthFITter Mike

I came just to get ready for a ski trip… now I’m in to a whole different style of how to workout, how to make my body better, this has just been transformational for me… I’ve gained body mass, I definitely have a lot more muscle than I used to… When I wake up in the morning the aches and pains that I used to have are pretty much gone.

EarthFITter Alison

I’ve gained so much strength and lost weight, my confidence has increased, it’s overall changed my life… It’s different every time you come so it’s exciting to see when I come in what will be the workout of the day… I like that it’ different and I never know what to expect… It’s tailored for every single person individually… This is the only thing I’ve ever stuck with… I’m not really a gym person but I do like coming here a lot and I look forward to it every week.

Testimonial from EarthFITter Carolyn

Every week I push myself a little bit further, and every week I’m a little bit surprised at how much further I can go. I feel stronger, I have more energy every day…

Testimonial from EarthFITter Pat

Before I started EarthFIT I felt like I lost my motivation to exercise… Then I joined EarthFIT and I feel like I gained all that motivation back, and I’m excited to workout… I love coming here, I never dread it.

Testimonial from EarthFITter Bill

It’s really made me more dedicated to working out and getting a great bang for my buck very quickly. I feel a lot stronger cardiovascularly and also strength wise.

Testimonial from EarthFITter Andy

I’m stronger, I can walk the 3 miles with my dogs all at one time, up and down hills and not breathe too hard… I’m a 69 year old survivor of ovarian cancer… That was 2 years ago and I’m doing this now…