September CHECK in – We’re Partnering with CureSearch

In September, we will be partnering with CureSearch! CureSearch’s mission is to end childhood cancer by driving targeted and innovative research in an accelerated time frame. Next month, your check-ins and reviews will help to fund pediatric cure research. Every 20 check-ins will provide 1 minute of pediatric cure research. We are so happy to be able to help this amazing cause! We look forward to seeing all the good you will do #togethercuringcancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death among children and adolescents in the United States. Although there has been substantial progress in the field of research, the depth of the research hasn’t yet scratched the surface in terms of its clinical application. What’s more, survivors of childhood cancer experience long-term adverse effects from the disease or its treatment which needs to be reduced.

There are a lot of challenges that cancer researchers face, these are:

  1. One of the biggest challenges while conducting research on pediatric cancer is finding adequate candidates to base conclusive research findings on related symptoms. In the United States, there are less than 1% of cases of childhood cancer diagnosed each year.
  2. Another challenge is that the causes of most pediatric cancers are still unknown. A small percentage of cancers in children and adolescents can be linked to inherited genetic abnormalities or exposures to diagnostic or therapeutic radiation. Exposure to infectious agents and toxic chemicals are said to be main culprits of causing childhood cancers. The causes are again difficult to identify because of the rare availability of patients.
  3. Also, the types of cancers children prevalent, and the biology of those cancers differ from those of cancers diagnosed in adults.

Why research is needed to eradicate childhood cancer

The difficulty to find these rare patients and challenges associated with research, they’re certainly something that has to be done. The concern requires more research to develop new, more effective, and safer treatments for childhood cancer. And also adequate infrastructure and practices that allow researchers to study from every child with cancer are also needed.

Organizations like the National Cancer Institute have come up with a number of programs that address childhood cancers that are applicable to children with cancer. The institute supports a broad range of biomedical research that is relevant to this population, including:

  • Basic research to enhance our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of cancer
  • Clinical research to test new treatments for safety and effectiveness
  • Survivorship research to reduce the long-term adverse effects of cancer and its treatment.

Your contribution

If you are someone passionate about ending this deadly disease taking over the future of the world, contribute to the mission of CureSearch. They aim at promoting innovative research to end child cancer. Earth n Fit is one such place where, we give you a platform to contribute something to the cause. With every check-ins we will provide 1 minutes of pediatric cure research. Hurry, be a part of this noble cause. SO, let’s do this together – Check in at EarthFIT #togethercuringcancer!