New EarthFITter Welcome Page

YAY! You’re now part of the EarthFIT Family!

Welcome to the TRIBE!

We’re looking forward to having you!

Okay – What’s Next? How do you get started?…

On this page, you’ll find some important information that you may need to refer back to.

(Psst…once your finished reading this and getting signed up, CLICK HERE to get to
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Watch the video above to hear Coach Seana explain some things about Scheduling or click here… https://youtu.be/PpIaCEiOzN8

FIRST, here’s how you sign up for your trainings sessions:

***important information***

If you didn’t already have an account in our booking system (most do not) – Then I’ve recently set you up in ARKETA –  the system we use at EarthFIT to get you signed into your trainings and keep track of your monthly training credits or package.

Before you start and just in case you have not done so already, I just need you to fill out this waiver for me. CLICK HERE! 

In order to get access to your account, you’ll need to do the following.

1. I’ve set you up with your training credits in our scheduler system known, Arketa.

2. Reset your password using this link…here: https://app.arketa.co/forgotpass (If you’ve already done this, you do not need to do twice)

3. Proceed to my website CLICK HERE to book a class using your email and new password. (Bookmark this page and make note of your password) 

If you have any trouble logging in, CLICK HERE for an article that might help you.  

4. On my website, you will see the upcoming schedule and a button that says “SIGN UP” – **Please note it must be within 12 hours before the trainings.**

5. Hit SIGN UP on the Training Session you want to join.

6. You will be prompted to “PAY” with a package option.  If you have already paid, you will SEE YOUR PACKAGE available with a yellow star! 🌟  Your credits are there and you are able to schedule.  DO NOT PAY again if you have already paid.  

7. If you have any issues, please email earthfitnf@gmail.com and we will troubleshoot it with you but please make sure you’ve followed the steps above first.

8. LASTLY & MOST IMPORTANT, Get ready for your next training!!! It’s going to be great! Don’t forget to come 5 minutes early! 💪

Watch the video above to hear Coach Seana explain Etiquette & Policies – IMPORTANT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6-pa7s_asM

Second, please Respect and pay attention to our Important EarthFIT Etiquette & Policies:

  • SIGN up for class online at least 12 hours before your class using the Arketa system. Please note a $3 charge may be added if we add you in ourselves.
  • Arrive at least a MINIMUM of 5 minutes early to warm up and stay warm until the beginning of the training. We reserve the right to turn you away if you are not here on time, including the 5 minutes of warm up. Your warm up is YOUR time to mentally and physically prep the body and to prevent injury. Consider 5 minutes before our training the time we start! As well, please don’t arrive more than 10 minutes before to respect the students and trainers time before your training.
  • Tell the coaches of any INJURIES, SORENESS, stress, sickness, etc. as ALL of this plays a role in your training for the day. TELL COACHES during Warm up! But please be mindful that there are other clients that the Coach needs to get to.
  • During warm up, please focus on your body, your warm up and YOU.
  • No talking during exercise demonstrations or during training. Your focus and attention is very important during training. If you’re talking – losing focus and distracting others during training, it can lead to frustration to others and the trainer and worst case scenario – Injury. Lack of focus will also prevent you from maximizing the effect of the exercise. Also, if you’re not focused, you won’t remember the exercises which can affect the overall system.
  • Concentrate and focus on your exercises during the session!
  • EarthFIT trainings are 35 minutes, start to finish which includes the stretching – A MAJOR component of the Scientific Model and essential for injury prevention. Our policy is YOU MUST stay for the stretching in order to participate in the training.
  • Please bring your own Water Bottle to EarthFIT. Water is best at room temperature and in a glass container. Do not bring open beverage containers into the classroom.
  • Wear different shoes or wipe your feet THOROUGHLY on the carpet or towel.
  • Store your shoes, coat, personal items and water bottles in the designated area.
  • Please turn your cell phones to silent and keep them with the personal belongings. Cell phones and apple watches should not be used during training time.
  • No GUM chewing during TRAINING times.
  • Please be aware of your space. Be mindful of your sweat and use a towel to clean up your area if necessary.
  • The COACHES will tell you your weights as well, so do not pick up a different weights unless told as this can affect the entire group. Please carefully put weights back in their original spot.
  • Listen to the COACHES during the training. Exercises are modified differently for each client, so if you have a question, ask the COACH!
  • Please also note just how difficult the Coaches job is to maintain the system and provide efficient and scientific training to each and every one of you. Please refrain from conversations and questions during the training to help with the efficiency and effectiveness for everyone.
  • Socializing should be reserved for outside of the studio, especially if another session is starting.
  • Coaches are busy in between sessions – Please ALWAYS EMAIL us with issues, DO NOT TEXT and please note that we do not answer phone calls during our training hours.