How to Really Love Yourself in your Day-to-Day actions

How to Really Love Yourself in your Day-to-Day actions

How you treat your body, is ultimately how it will treat you.

It’s amazing that many people spend more time and energy on choosing a car, computer, TV or cell phone and then maintaining these irrelevant objects of insignificance.

In other areas, money and time is spent on clothing, hairstyle and shoes trying to impress others, but our internal body is much more important than our external body.

What is interesting, however, is that the single most precious thing that should be cared for, invested in, maintained and researched about is the one thing that is often times is completely ignored or placed last on a scale of importance.

Your human body is the most scientific and energetically amazing and still largely unanswered machine that we know exists.  There is nothing else out there like it.

Whenever you are filling your body with anything that does not help it THRIVE, not only are you taking away the ability to feel and look it’s best, but you are also slowly contributing to your own future health problems.

Subconsciously, you are also telling yourself that YOU don’t matter that much, when you put your effort and energy into everything thing and everyONE else besides yourself.

Here are some easy ways you can REALLY Love yourself in you Day-to-Day actions:


The human body is composed of 25 % solid matter and 75% water, with brain tissue consisting of 85% water.  Not drinking enough water or thinking that tea, coffee, soda, juices or alcohol are the same is the biggest mistake you can make.

  • Drink filtered or high quality water out of a glass bottle
  • Investigate your water source and don’t be opposed to spending money on water.  Chronic dehydration is a link to many diseases and good water (with adequate PH and minerals and no neurotoxins) and the key to good health.
  • Drink half your bodyweight in ounces.


You truly are what you eat.  You’re bone, tissue, muscle, organs and brain are made of what you put inside it daily.  How can you expect it to love you back if you haven’t given it the tools to replenish and build.

  • Investigating your sources of food – Are they organic, raised humanely, free of chemicals?
  • Eat REAL FOOD. Whenever you eat a “dead” or processed food, your body has to work extra hard to create the life force energy to keep you alive.
  • Do NOT Diet – Eat for HEALTH, NOT for weight loss
  • Eat right for own body type and FEEL into what your body needs and not just what it wants.
  • Eat right for your own body type.  There is no “should” in food choices.  Your body and nutritional needs are different than everyone elses.


Exercise should be FUN and FUNCTIONAL and promote wellness in your body.  It should not be stress or injury inducing.

  • Work out hard 2-4 days a week, 30-45 minutes each day. This maximizes your time without overdoing it.
  • Do not overtrain, do not undertrain
  • Incorporate energy-building exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi & meditation into your routine.
  • RECOVER, Eat right and drink lots of water for optimal training.


You cannot have a thought or emotion without every cell in your being affected.  What you say internally and externally MATTERS, so becareful how you speak to yourself.

  • Talk to yourself like you would a child with positive affirmations, comfort and love.
  • Try to eliminate the word can’t, shouldn’t and guilty from your thought process and language.

The Bottom Line; You are the sum of every action you take and every action affects how you feel, how you look in the long term and ultimately your health and well-being, so let your day-to-day ACTIONS reflect how much you love yourself!
**Coach Seana is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, C.H.E.K. Practitioner, Personal Trainer and ELDOA Instructor.  She is starting a small group to TRANSFORM the way you LOVE yourself.  Email earthfitnf@gmail.com to see if it can help you reach your goals**