Holistic Coaching

Photo of Seana Hart, Holistic Coach
Photo of Seana seated and relaxed
Coach Seana was a Certified Connecticut Teacher for eight years before following her passion in the health and fitness field. She is the owner of EarthFIT Personal Training Studio and WholeFIT Boutique Fitness in New Fairfield, CT. She is very enthusiastic about inspiring and teaching others. She is fascinated with exercise science and Holistic Studies with particular focus in the mental, emotional and spiritual component expressing itself in our physical bodies. Over the past four years Seana has spent a tremendous amount of time in intensive studying, workshops and certifications and enjoys learning and sharing what she’s learned with others. For Seana, however, her “research backpack” is nothing in comparison to the passion, curiosity and happiness she feels when she sees the value it brings to the people she works with. She loves to watch her clients make lifetime transformations, both mentally and physically.

Degrees & Certifications

C.H.E.K Academy C.H.E.K Exercise Coach,C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 2 C.H.E.K Holistic Health Lifestyle Coach Level II Journeys of Wisdom Russian Kettlebell Certification Level II Progressive Calisthenic Certification Scientific Back & Core Training Program Design Training & Advance Program Design Training Equal but Not the Same – Considerations for Training Females Whole9 Nutrition Partner ELDOA & Myofascial Stretching Back Pain Relief4Life Certification Juice Plus Distributor – Bridging the Gap for Health CPR-AED Certified