Hands-on Stretch Therapy

What are the BENEFITS of Stretch Therapy?

Improves your Training or Workout Performance

Target imbalances in your body

Reduced Muscle and Joint Pain

Reduces your Risk of Injury

Increased Range of Motion

Increased Flexibility

Helps your Functional Goals

Improved Posture

Improved Health & Detoxing


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You may or may not know that there is absolutely a way to help yourself stay injury and pain free!

” BUT, BUT, injuries happen”

“You can’t prevent them”
“There was nothing I could do”

I know, I’ve heard it ALL before!

AND, it’s totally okay if you want to believe that.

I, however, have learned quite the opposite —> we are in a lot more control of our bodies than you think.  Our body is giving us messages all the time, many that we ignore or have completely numbed out!

Messages like a tight calf, or a slight pull one side of the back, an ankle that gets stuck when you walk AND well, maybe you can fill in the blank for your own? THESE signs are NOT nothing! When ignored and “pushed through” —-> BOOM!! Bigger Injury!

Think of your body like the spokes on the Wheel of a Bike.

In order to ride properly, all spokes must be the same length, straight, strong and work in synchronicity with the other spokes —> otherwise NO functioning wheel!

Well, your body is much more intricate than that but most peoples “spokes” are overworked, imbalanced and giving you tons of messages that they need some love and attention!

Stretching and flexibility are essential aspects of a well balanced and healthy body! Stretching and Flexibility are actually the FIRST priority before acquiring strength! Very under prioritized for many people!

That’s why stretching is part of the EarthFIT training, it’s essential for your physical (and mental) health!!

And that’s why we’ve added an additional way to get your Body as flexible and supple as possible by adding Hands-on Stretch Therapy to our services!

If you haven’t yet heard about our Hands-on Stretching Service – It’s called PNF stretching and I really invite you to explore it as an option!
Hands-On Stretch image

What is PNF stretching?

This technique is Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and is commonly used in exercise and injury prevention. Even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably seen it or experienced it before without realizing it.

In simplest terms, stretching relaxes, strengthens, and elongates muscles to improve range of motion and reduce the likelihood of injury. Dynamic (moving) stretches are traditionally used pre-workout to prepare muscles and joints for exercise, whereas static (non-moving) ones are beneficial post-workout to aid recovery!

There are plenty of ways to stretch, but PNF stretching is said to be a more advanced method to achieve a deeper stretch. However you decide to exercise, PNF stretching could improve your performance and aid recovery.

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Our Stretch Therapist Larissa has limited spots each week and is available Wednesday’s and Sunday’s by appointment – AND they will go fast so schedule your time right away.