EarthFIT Personal Training Celebrates 10 Years in Business in New Fairfield!

The History about EarthFIT and the Science behind why it’s helped hundreds of people see RESULTS! 


On  Saturday, September 16th, the EarthFIT family and community Celebrated their 10-Year Anniversary of being in business in New Fairfield by doing a GROUP Personal Training session, outdoors, next to their NEW STUDIO.  There were dozens of Community members that participated or came to watch and celebrate. This event was a huge milestone and comes with much gratitude as the past 3 ½ years brought some challenges to EarthFIT, like it did to so many others. 

10 Year Anniversary group photo

HISTORY of EarthFIT NF Personal Training Studio: 

EarthFIT Personal Training opened its doors in New Fairfield in September of 2013, as the 3rd location in the United States.  Lifelong resident, Coach Seana Hart was a middle school French & Spanish teacher, but also had her own Group Fitness business, operating out of the town Fire Departments for a few years.  

In the meantime, Seana’s brother, Ian Hart was a personal trainer in South Carolina and after years of frustration with the traditional Personal Training methods, he created and applied a scientific and extremely unique Training method that his clients would not only look forward to, but see more results from AND in less time!! People LOVED it and were losing weight, getting strong, having more energy, getting lean, feeling good and ultimately getting more Healthy! Ian mentioned to his Sister that he was thinking of licensing and expanding and offered her to come down and check it out as he knew her passion for health & fitness. Coach Seana took a trip down to visit and loved it right away. As an athlete her whole life and a runner and fitness enthusiast, it was still like nothing she had experienced, AND coupled with the frustration with the bureaucracy of teaching, she decided to make a big move and learn the business model, resign from public school teaching and bring the concept to New Fairfield, CT.  

After 10 weeks of full immersion and studying 60+ hours a week in South Carolina, she opened the original studio doors of EarthFIT New Fairfield, next to Starbucks! 

Since 2013, she has continued her studies to include over 200+  hours of Russian Kettlebell, Progressive Calisthenic, CHEK Exercise Coach & Practitioner Certifications, ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching and CHEK Holistic Coaching Levels 1, 2 & 3 Certifications offering a way for her clients to Heal naturally and be the healthiest version of themself.  

She also has done over 400 hours of Journeys of Wisdom Holistic Coaching that includes examining the Mental and Emotional aspect of individuals, their personalities and self-sabotaging behavior.  She has enhanced her business by applying it to help her clients examine how their unconscious parts may have an impact on their own Health & Fitness and thus, their Life as a whole! 

She is very passionate about helping those who are committed to seeing changes within themselves, Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Her practice has come to include Holistic & Life Coaching, Personal Training, Group Personal Training, Virtual Workout Trainings, ELDOA, Hands-on Stretch Therapy, Healing Stretch & Flow & the Biocharger energy healing and much more.  

Currently the Studio employs Coach Diane who will help you get your physical training in, Larissa, the Hands-on Stretch Therapist helping clients address their tight muscles and further increase their flexibility, Tami who offers Yoga and Dorina who offers special events with Sound Healing and Adam who offers the Biocharger in both Group setting and individually based on their needs. 

Although the pandemic, forced EarthFIT to close it’s original studio doors, Seana continued to offer outdoor, indoor, virtual and home options and now all these valuable

services are offered by appointment at the NEW Studio, opened this June at 3, 203 State Rt 39, Unit #5, New Fairfield. 

outdoor group training kettlebells
outdoor group training

Science behind EarthFIT:  

So, why do people not only see RESULTS but also LOVE IT?! 

  1. It’s EFFICIENT! It’s just 35 minutes, START to FINISH…AND that includes a stretching and relaxation component.  We live in busy times where many people are working a lot AND and sitting 90% of the day.  While that’s not ideal, it’s unfortunately become a part of our society.  Offering a viable option that can give the everyday person a solution to this problem, EarthFIT provides coaching, support, motivation, healthy movement and stretching for flexibility in a short amount of time. Giving yourself just 2 sessions a week is enough to see results! 
  2. It’s Effective! It’s scientifically backed! Using the newest, up-to-date, scientific strategies so that the clients SEE RESULTS! While it was once believed that you can only see results, the more you workout, this has long been debunked and the opposite is often true. Using the philosophy of Supercompensation and Physiological load and combining that with the training methods, 2-4 days of this method of training provides EFFECTIVE RESULTS in a short amount of time!
  3. It’s SAFE! While clients come to the studio with various goals, the main goal of the Coaches is to keep YOU SAFE! If you get injured, you can’t see results.  It’s the Coaches job to know the proper form for each exercise and make sure that you are learning and executing those properly.  We have found that many people that exercise on a regular basis are doing movements consistently with a faulty movement pattern or bad posture which overtime can lead to back pain, neck pain, knee pain and even organ and health issues.  We work hard with each client in every session to teach you and maintain the proper form of each movement so that you are kept safe, today and in the future. We guide you through every step of the way. 
  4. It’s FUN! I know, working out, fun? Talk to an EarthFITTer and they will tell you, they LOVE IT! No two training’s are ever the same. Whether you’re working in a 1-on-1 setting or a Group Training scenario, everyDAY is different. The workouts are varied and keep you curious, interested and on track.    
  5. It’s a COMMUNITY! EarthFIT attracts people of a similar mindset and attitude about life.  They care about their health and wellness, are committed to themselves and are consistent even when they’re busy.  They see the value in the results-oriented Training and Coaching.  The minute you walk in the studio, there’s an immediate sense of comradery and a feeling that you’re not alone.   
  6. It’s FUNCTIONAL! We keep it SIMPLE at EarthFIT.  Since the beginning of time, human beings have done the same 7 primal patterns. These are functional, meaning they are the movements that we do in our everyday life, naturally. Unfortunately, many people are doing these movements incorrectly, so we apply these functional movement patterns to everything we do on the training floor and teach proper form during every session.  
  7. It’s Holistic! We look at the whole body as a connected unit.  We cannot separate the physical from the mental – otherwise known as physiological load.  There are several components that we look at while training someone, each and every day.  Once we know your patterns and know you’ll be safe, we look at your personal goals, injuries and health components, nutrition, sleep, stress levels, past training’s and much more. They all play a role and the training will be adjusted accordingly and can vary from day to day. 
  8. & We’re PICKY! That’s right! Consider this a HUGE positive! We don’t work with just anyone! The truth is we want to make sure that the community you are a part of is going to be a positive experience for you but also for all of us! It has to be the right fit for EarthFIT Coaches and family, just like it’s the right fit for YOU! We look at our community like going into a long term relationship and friendship and we believe that all the reasons above are why so many people have stayed with us for 6-10 years!