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EarthFITter client testimonial

At EarthFIT, our written and video testimonials tell a STORY – Your story!

We’re often told by new incoming EarthFITters –
“I didn’t think I could do it because…
“I was too old” or
“I had too many injuries” or
“I’m not coordinated” or
“I don’t have enough time” …and on and on…
Then we hear, “…but then I saw _________’s testimonial and thought if they can do it, so can I.”


Our testimonials are a CELEBRATION of your accomplishments, but also a way to tell your story so that you can INSPIRE others that think they can’t do it!

YOUR STORY is important! Just think of when you got started?! 🙂

So, if you have a moment, could you write a few words about your experience of EarthFIT!

I wrote some prompting questions below, but really whatever comes up for you! You don’t have to reply to all of them!

(FYI – you can follow these stories on Instagram at @earthfitnf or on Facebook at EarthFIT New Fairfield)

Prompting possible questions for your testimonial…

How long have you been an EarthFITTer?

How old are you?

What do you like most about EarthFIT?

What benefits have you experienced?

Did you have any health issues or injuries before starting EarthFIT?

What do you think about the 35 minutes of training for your life?

What movements are your favorite?

What have you learned to do since you started?

Do you get modifications for your own body as needed?

What would you tell someone who thinks that EarthFIT isn't for them?

Anything else that comes up for you about your experience...


AND, I’d also love to get your VIDEO testimonial as well.

We can either do this via ZOOM or in the studio at a time we set by appointment. Let’s set it up! 😉

EMAIL your written testimonial to earthfitnf@gmail.com!
(P.S. – Don’t worry about it being perfect, just write from the heart ❤😉)

EarthFITter client testimonial
EarthFITter client testimonial