Book Your Weekly Accountability Slot – Spaces Limited!

The NEW Year has already kicked off and it’s great seeing and experiencing so much motivation from so many of you.  Accountability and Support are a major factor in our success and I believe that just by being a part of a community that promotes health and wellness, you’re setting yourself up for success. 

A number of you have reached out to me with amazing goals AND requests for a CHALLENGE and ACCOUNTABILITY! 

That’s why I have created the Weekly Accountability Check In. This is a weekly check in with me, Coach Seana, via email.

I have a number of clients who like to check in each week with their upcoming goals, what they accomplished last week, how they could have done things differently, what they might be happy about, upset about and really anything that we decide to work on and check in on together.  This is done via email every Sunday night/Monday morning.  You email your updates and I reply with insights, questions and considerations that might help you change your mindset or habits.

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