Managing Blood Sugar

Managing Blood Sugar and your Exercise . High Blood Sugar and Exercise: Exercise is often prescribed for anyone who is overweight and has diabetes or high blood sugar, to help the body produce proper amounts of insulin and break down glucose (sugar) in our blood...

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Natural Healing Options

The body is an amazing and very intelligent energetic machine that is always working for us, even when we are sleeping. The earth provides our bodies with many resources that can help bring our bodies back to homeostasis. Here are some Natural Healing Modalities that...

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Stress Eating

Question to Coach Seana: “I find that when things are going smoothly it's easy for me to be fit and stay the course. When my life gets stressful (and I mean more than the usual stuff not everyday stress, but life changes, like dealing with health issues) food becomes...

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How much water do you drink?

  So, just how important is WATER to your Health? Undoubtedly at many points in your life you’ve heard how important water is for you to drink and have likely heard from your Doctor, Trainer or parents… “Drink 6-8 cups of water a day.” Many people, however, still...

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Quality of Sleep and Insomnia

What can I do to improve the quality of my sleep and why does my insomnia cause so many health problems? One of the biggest mistakes people make, AND the easiest thing to fix for optimal health is SLEEP.  In our fast paced society, full of 12-hour work days,...

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