At Home Challenge – Join Now

With so much going on in our world and town, I think we need to do our best to stay positive.

I want to help with that, when it comes to your physical and mental health.

As I write this, I just received word that among Bars and Restaurants, GYMS are forced to close! ๐Ÿ™

The good news is, I have been working HARD on my AT HOME CHALLENGE which I’m really HAPPY ABOUT and think it can help us all!! Besides maintaining your shape, your weight and your health, I think COMMUNITY is so important and keeping as regular a schedule as possible will help keep our stress levels down.  

Did you know that one of my specialties is AT home workouts! ๐Ÿ˜‰ CLICK HERE to sign up!

Now, believe me…to me, there’s nothing like being AT EarthFIT and training in a group with the music loud and my EarthFIT tribe, but I’ve also worked out at home for over 20 years.  (When my son A. J. was little, I used him as a weight!) 

SO, JOIN the EarthFIT family, whether you already were a client or NOW want to be one with OUR AT HOME TRAINING CHALLENGE!

THIS KICKS off tomorrow, TUESDAY, March 17th (but you can start anytime)

Here are the details: CLICK HERE to sign up– Promo code KEEPHEALTHY2020 at checkout for $25 OFF.

You don’t need to be an EarthFITTer right now to continue seeing your results! Don’t let the stress of life pull you backwards from your Health & Fitness Goals. Join the 2020 AT Home Training Challenge with EarthFIT and receive the following:

* 20 AT HOME TRAININGS to use for the next 10 weeks ($330 value)
* A 2x per week option – suggested Calendar – or a 3x/week suggested Calendar ($50 value)
* A few BONUS trainings thrown in the mix to build your program ($100 value)
* Access to videos on our Closed Facebook page ($100 value) * Video updates from Coach Seana ($157 value)
* 1x/week email check in TO and FROM Coach Seana ($600 value)
* An immune boosting checklist ($27 value)
* Some valuable surprise bonuses (??)
* A leaner, happier, less-stressed out, healthier YOU! (Priceless)

* JUST ADDED – 5-10 minute Kettlebell workouts (Don’t have a KB – no problem, see below)


* ALSO – If you’d like to BORROW Kettlebells or Dumbbells for the time being if you don’t have your own, NO PROBLEM. We can decide on a weight that’s right for you.  Once you sign up, email me and we’ll set up a time to meet at the studio.  

Email me with any questions! I’m really excited about this CHALLENGE and I’ll be participating too!