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Before & After: Pete

Before & After: Pete

Pete's Story

“I’ve said it before and will say it over and over that Saena and Earthfit have me feeling better and working better! I have to control what I put in my body and would be even better. I have joined different gyms at different times I would go through the routine, Treadmill a rotation through the machines and weights but at my “slow” pace I don’t remember really breaking a sweat? When I leave Earthfit I know I had a work out! My tee shirt and sweats are in need of the wash. My heart rate, breathing and body have been challenged and I feel good mentally. I also want to mention that gender is not a problem we push, congratulate, kidd and complement one another. We are an Earthfit Family and I am very comfortable there. I would ask any guy to take 2 classes and then decide if you didn’t feel you were challenged and I say too because Seana will see what you are capable of on first so as not to injure but challenge you on second and on top of all of it there is sound nutritional advice.” – Pete Pannizzo

Before & After: Paula


Paula's Story

I have taken classes at gyms for 20 years or more and I achieved a certain degree of fitness with periodic lapses and weight gains… Nobody monitors your progression…no accountability… I discovered Earthfit. Finally a solution to plateaus and slack offs. I can honestly say that I have never been involved in a program as great as Earthfit…when you become an Earthfitter you can expect encouragement…a program that is individually suited for you…accountability and best of all great results in the company of motivated upbeat cheerful people! Looking forward to being a sensational 70 and beyond with the guidance of my Earthfit family! – Paula

Before & After: Cindy


Cindy's Story

“I was greatly over weight and was diagnosed with hypertension. I had headaches, was
depressed and my health was declining. I made a phone call that truly changed my life. I started working with Seana Hart to achieve my fitness goals. Seana has become my mentor. She has inspired me like no other. She is extremely committed, easy to work with, well educated and professional. To date, I have lost a great deal of weight and dropped several dress sizes. I am almost at goal weight. I am stronger than ever.” – Cindy

Before & After: Lee


Lee's Story

EFitter Lee lost 25.8 lbs in the past 6 months and tell us:
“This is what the pain of losing a dad and a sister did for me. Flash forward 6 months….This is what the pain of Earthfit has done for me! (It’s a good pain for sure!) I am so very grateful to you for giving me the inspiration and the ambition to get this far. Hopefully in the next 6 months I will reach my fat loss goal. I went from a very tight size 10 to a comfortable 4 so far.” – Lee

Before & After: Mauraid


Mauraid's Story

“I’m feeling really excited about what EarthFit has done for me…Accountability, healthy eating and a structured training program in a less intimidating environment. I love the training style and the entire program. They told me exactly what to aim for and what they thought I could achieve but most importantly, they showed me how to do it. Thanks EarthFIT for the healthiest mind and body I have ever had! – Mauraid

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