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The Introduction to EarthFIT
One you’ve decided that EarthFIT is something you would like to explore you can setup a Health & Fitness Assessment. This is a valuable time where you and the trainer sits down and covers details about your health, activity levels, diet, exercise and more that will be necessary to create a proper training program.

When you decide to train with us after the assessment, you have two options based on the fitness assessment:

Option 1: Begin with Group Personal Training Classes

Group training classes meet six days per week; you can purchase a series of sessions for over a period of three month, 7 month or 12 month. Click here to see our group class schedule and book your time to get started. Our group training classes prepare you for long-term success with us by teaching our major movements and ramping up the intensity of the workout. In each class you’ll learn 1-6 movements that need to be completed within 30-40 seconds. Our coaches are there to help you with form and prevent injury in a workout. Group training classes are adjusted to each individual’s fitness levels.

Option 2: Begin with One-on-One Personal Training

Our One On-One classes in the beginning be the best option based on hour fitness level; you may need to be in the type of program for several weeks before venturing into group personal training. We focus on your form and movements and most people can learn the moves required for our group classes in a matter of a couple of weeks, depending on your pre-existing fitness and skill level, which we will agree upon during your introductory appointment.

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