Organifi - Green Juice

In just 30 Seconds a Day, You Can Supercharge Your Life, Restore Glowing Good Health and Feel Decades Younger. The Benefits: Mental Clarity, Improve Health, Reduce Stress, Detoxify Your Body, Rejuvenate your Skin, Boost Immunity.

Ingredients: Chlorella, Moringa, Spirlunia, Mint, Beets, Matcha GreenTea, Wheatgrass,
Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Lemon & Coconut Water

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Paula was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease. Did she submit to the circumstances? Absolutely NOT!

Watch Paula’s triumphant victory over disease… and how she lost over 40 pounds!

Remember when you discovered the “ripple effect?” This is an amazing example of that. See, one of Paula’s friends, Sue, was sharing her shocking weight loss and health transformation on Facebook. She was stoked to tell everyone:

Sue boosted her energy
Sue lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks
Sue lowered her body fat 4%

… After Paula read that post, along with a bunch of others, she decided to jump on board.

Find out EXACTLY how Organifi helps Paula every single day