Wednesday, May 4, 11, 18, 25 – 6:15 pm

Our newest 4-week Small Group, Kettlebell Specific Training!!.

Check out your neighborhood, Kettlebell Expert, Coach Seana Hart and get valuable, scientific training with lasting results! CLICK HERE now to join the KETTLEBELL PROGRAM!!

Description: A specific training “Kettlebell Success” that will focus on basic Kettlebell lingo, basic moves and functions, philosophy and purpose.

Offered as 4 separate trainings, participants will learn the following:

Week 1 – The importance of the Deadlift as a pre-requisite move to most other KB moves including the Swing, Snatch and Clean. It will also include the importance of the shoulder, spine and core and proper movement and alignment for success and injury prevention. The 1st week will also review the Squat and the various KB squat moves. The training will finish with a workout that will get you sweating.

Week 2 – Work on the KB Swing and clean as it progresses from the Deadlift. The press and upside down press will also be covered. The training will finish with a workout that will get you sweating.

Week 3 – The KB Swing practice continues and the KB Snatch is covered. The renegade row will also be introduced and practiced. The training will finish with a workout that will get you sweating.

Week 4 – The ULTIMATE KB move – The Turkish Get up; Start to Finish! The training will finish with a workout that will get you sweating, using all the KB moves covered during the past 4-weeks.

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Join Coach Seana on an 8-week journey to scientifically build your own Calisthenic Strength.

The program will start with an Informational Meeting and Introduction to the 6 Basic Body Weight Moves. You will be introduced to the 10 steps for each move that can bring you to Optimal Strength.

Using the concepts introduced by Coach Paul Wade and the book Strength Rules by Seana’s Coach Danny Kavadlo, participants will be introduced to a step-by-step method to be able to reach some level of the following moves:

  • 1-arm Push-up
  • 1-arm Pull-up
  • 1-leg Squat
  • Hanging Straight Leg Raises
  • 1-arm Handstand Push-up
  • Stand-to-Stand Bridge

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO of COACH HART showing some of the fun things you will learn how to do over time.

Cost for the 8-week program is $97
LIMITED AVAILABILITY – First come, First serve! _ Bold Limited Avail

  • A copy of the book Strength Rules as a bonus to what they will learn
  • 3 – In-person Meet-ups to learn the moves, practice and ask questions
  • A detailed chart of the things you need to do to progress each week
  • Helpful weekly emails with additional information, suggestions and tidbits about gaining strength
  • Email Support throughout the 8-week Program
  • Knowledge of how the human body grows and the importance of recovery to continued growth
  • Spinal, Shoulder and Core strength for long-term health, strength and injury prevention.

(Much of the “work” can be done on your own, but meetings will introduce the moves, talk about the science and give you lots of practice with others and the help of Coach Seana)

There might also be opportunities to get casual trainings in with Coach Seana during the 8-week time frame. We will be a small group that will correspond with one another, train together and help each other reach the next level.


THESE PROGRAMS WILL FILL UP FAST! Don’t miss these opportunities to take your TRAINING TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! =)