EarthFIT Group Personal Training

EarthFIT Group Personal Training

This is our core class offering, open to all members once they have completed and are qualified based on the outcome of our Assessment. Each session is 35 minutes long and is structured class that includes intro to daily exercises, review of form for complex movements, personal coaching, stretching and recovery.  Members who have completed the assessment and have been approved are able to attend over 30 scheduled group training sessions and will be challenged no matter their skill level. 


With every 35 minute training you’ll get the benefit of the following:

Strength Training - We aim for lean muscles and maximum fat loss. You can forget the ‘bulk’ myth that is tied to strength training. You’ll create the body you want. 

Endurance Training - Increase your energy while shaping and toning all of your muscles. Our endurance training is the basis to effective weight loss. 

Stability Training - The problem areas on your body exist because of hard-to-get muscle fibers that don’t receive attention from typical workouts. We’ll help you improve balance and coordination while working these muscles. 

Flexibility Training - Enhance your everyday life by stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones. You’ll achieve total body balance. 

Mobility Training - Painful joints will be a thing of the past with the increased range of motion you’ll gain from mobility training. We’ll help you move fluidly and decrease the chances of injury. 

Cardio Training - A healthy heart is at the center of any workout program. We’ll help you maximize oxygen and blood flow while working your joints and muscles. Cardio training detoxifies your body and strengthens your heart. 

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training

EarthFIT’s personal training instructors help clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability.  EarthFIT Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments to achieve optimum fitness and health. In a 1-on-1 setting, clients can be assured that they are moving their body correctly to prevent injury and scientifically build muscle and achieving their goals as fast as possible.

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Open Gym

Open Gym

Free time for members of the gym to get in an extra lift, make -up a workout, or work on skills or mobility. Open gym does not count as a class visit; however, EFitters have to be cleared by the coaches to use the Open-Gym Time.
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Bride to be Special Training

Bride to be Special Training

Do you like being the center of attention? Of course, you’re the bride! Make a commitment to yourself and choose a training package that works for you. Each package includes a complimentary consultation. Email earthfitnf@gmail.com or Call 203-885-0577. Mention the Bride-to-be special.


“3 years after having my son I was heavier than I’d ever been, out of shape, and eating terribly. After seeing far to many horrifying pictures of myself, I began changing my eating habits, lost some weight, and then started going to EarthFit twice a week and participated in EarthFIT’s Whole30 challenge. 8 months later I very proudly put on my wedding dress and married my husband feeling strong, healthy, motivated, empowered and beautiful. I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs and completely overhauled my body and diet. No going back! THANK YOU EarthFit!” – Liz B.


“I am sure gonna miss you and thanks again for all you did to get me in awesome shape for the wedding! – it was just 6 months and I had a whole new body!! I know lots of girls out there are like me in needing that push to figure out how to look their best for the big day…. My photographer told me I was the fittest bride he ever took photos of, and beyond that I felt awesome!
Thanks for everything you’ve taught me about living healthy! I’ll still be looking forward to the Friday email tips.” – Julie, M

Special Events

The EarthFIT Coaches are always encouraging EFitters to join them in Special Events in The Connecticut and New York area. These include EarthFIT conducted events such as seminars and field trips, but also physical events such as the Color me Rad race, the Warrior Dash, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, local 5k’s and much more. They provide additional and specific training for these events and have had dozens of EFitters do races for the first time in their lives!

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Special Events

Special Outing Paddleboarding

Warrior Dash Oct 3, 2015

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Specail Events

Coach Seana Warrior Dash Oct 3

Kettlebells for Killer Cardio

Kettlebells for Killer Cardio

EarthFIT is proud to house Coach Seana Hart, one of Connecticut’s only Russian Kettlebell Instructors, Level II. When used properly, the Kettlebell, is literally a “gym-in-the-palm-of-your-hand” and can give you more health, strength and conditioning benefits than you’ll get from a whole facility full of equipment, in a fraction of time!

If you wish to excel in any athletic endeavor, then our Kettlebell training at EarthFIT is the right place for you. Under the close direction and coaching of our experienced and knowledgeable staff, Kettlebell training is incorporated into daily trainings, using proper Kettlebell lingo and proper scientific progressions to prevent injury. You can soon become an expert in Kettlebell moves such as the Deadlift, Swing, Clean, Snatch, Goblet Squat and more…

Pre-Teen & Teen After School Program

Pre-Teen & Teen After School Program

Knowledge of Scientific pre-teen and teen training is essential when designing a program for this special age group, however, general experience and success with the 10-18 age population is a must as well. Coach Seana and Coach Will, come with both skills, as well as a passion to motivate kids to want to maintain health and wellness.

As a former Middle School Teacher for 8 years and Director of a Summer Camp of 150 campers for 6 years, Coach Seana has a lot of experience working with children of all ages and Coach Will worked at a sports facility with a unique background in planning and running fitness programs and specialty health events for children, ages 5-18. Together, these 2 coaches offer a unique 35-minute, safe, fun-filled, health-driven program.

Curriculum will include proper form on everyday movements, that will help with coordination, injury prevention, proper and safe strength building as well as assist in sport-specific activities.

Email earthfitnf@gmail.com or call 203-885-0577 for more information.